Depression: Just talk about it, it helps

A message about depression dont quit just talk.
Dont quit..just talk

A incident which shakes up not only the best of people or a particular section of society but all of the country. A person so loved by many of his adoring fans, successful in his own right, yet undone by demons which are not known to many.

Sushant Singh Rajput committed suicide while staying in his own house. A news that sent shock waves and disbelief across the country which left many people speechless.

A successful actor, talented actor and above all a humble human being as evidenced from his public behaviour, but still took a drastic step.

People in our country don’t talk about the mental health that much. Its always been that way and sadly many people have succumbed to this terrible disease. This recent story has woken up many a people to this terrible disease and i hope people help each other address the issues and talk openly about it.

There have been evidences of this terrible disease way back in the day of time but still was ignored by the many as nothing. This led to generations being unaware of the dangerous pitfalls that this disease leads to.

The dangerous visible diseases are openly talked about and people get support in huge numbers which is makes them strong, but since mental health is invisible, talking about it just makes you weak.

Students go through the same thing. A lot of mental toughness is required from students to make sure that they pass the test and get what they want.

But the competition in itself is so tough that many students fail over again leading them to under a lot of mental stress. More often than not, students tend to keep it in them rather than speak about it as they fear, they may be made fun of.

The stress in turn may cause anxiety issues in students. So it is important for students to understand that you may be under a lot of pressure or stress right now, but there is no reason to hide that fact from your loved ones. It will only lead to more and more pressure which may cause a lot of trouble for you.

So always talk about these things with your parents, brothers, sisters, or friends so that you are not left thinking you are alone in the world. Depression may lead to you doubting yourself, loose your self esteem, lose confidence and self belief. It may also make you lonely and make it difficult for you to get out in the world.

All of us are in the rat race to get good jobs, earn respect, make our parents proud and what not. We try our level best to make it happen and when we don’t succeed, we are deemed as failures. The trauma that a student goes through can only be experienced when you have worked so hard for a test, but still end up failing. The judgemental eyes that stare back at your from your parents, relatives and the thoughts may fill your head with things that may cause you to lose your mind, but don’t, never lose hope.

Every one fails in life at some point or the other. There is no way that a person has never failed in life. As Albert Einstein put it, “If You haven’t failed, You haven’t tried something new“. But there is no point in judging yourself from that failure. You have your entire life ahead of you to prove what you are made of. Don’t judge yourself just right now and deem yourself a a failure.

You are 20 or 30 or 40, so young and most of your life ahead of you, but quick to judge yourself from a couple of failures??. Remember the best characters are those who get back up again and again even after failing for n number of times. As Shahrukh Khan said it in Bazigaar, ” Haar ke jeetne waale ko Bazigaar khete hai“.

Life will give you glorious opportunities to succeed in life. Don’t get hung up on one thing forever. Life is full of opportunities. Even if you succeed or fail it doesn’t matter, because life will throw you opportunities everytime. It will be up to you to decide whether you want to take the opportunity or let is slide away.

So In conclusion for all those who are struggling, just talk about it. This time too shall pass and the experience will make you even stronger to face the other great challenges in future.


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