Huge decision made in case of IITs fee hike

IIT M.Tech fee hike
IIT Delhi

An important decision has been taken by the MHRD in terms of the Fee hike proposed by the IIT Council. The decision to hike the IIT fee for M.Tech programme has been deferred till the next council meeting, meaning the IIT fee hike won’t happen as of now. However, it cannot be said that they won’t increase the Fees after the next IIT Council meeting.

The MHRD had proposed in September that they will hike the fees, but looking at the recent protest in JNU, the decision seems to have been put on hold. It was said that this decision was taken owing to the dropout rate of students pursuing masters, as they opt to drop out after they get a job in either PSU or crack a competetive.

The ground report also doesn’t lie. For many of the rankers in GATE exam, admission in IIT is just a temporary solution till they get placed in any PSU. This causes a lot of vacancies in IIT’s which cannot be filled as there are PSU’s who conduct recruitment after the Academic year has started. Many prefer giving GATE again and freshly apply of PSU’s and till the time being also prepare for other competitive exams. This hampers the chance of a really good student who really wants to complete his M.Tech education from IIT. The chance for the student to do M.Tech in IIT is taken away because few people want to just use it to safeguard their future and are not really interested in doing M.Tech.

Though unclear as to when the next IIT Council meeting will take place, for now atleast the decision to hike the fee has been deferred. What will happen at the next council meeting? And since this step was taken by the ministry to curb the dropouts of students pursuing M.Tech in favor of jobs, will they make the laws more stringent for M.Tech in IIT? or will they make the screening process more strict to curb such instances?

What are your thoughts on decision taken by the ministry? Do you think it is okay for a student to just take admission in college just for the sake of it? Comment below to let us know.

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