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Tata’s as always the trusted name that Indians can bank on during such troubling times.

Tata Steel is offering a fantastic opportunity to add skills to your resume which will improve you to get better jobs.

There is a large gap between the skills required and the skills that are available with the students.

Tata steel is seeking this time of lockdown due to Covid-19 to encourage students to learn skills that will help them to upgrade themselves.

Moreover Tata Steel is doing this by offering E-learning courses for just Re.1/-.

Yes you heard that right all the courses are available for just Re.1/- for a limited period upto 30th April 2020.

You can learn all these E-learning courses by signing up, and they are valid only upto 30th April 2020.

How to apply?

  1. Visit the Tata Steel E learning website
  2. Signup/login on the website. After sign up, redirect to Tata Steel E learning website
  3. Select the course that you wish to learn
  4. On the next window click on add to cart
  5. Make payment and download the receipt
  6. You will be provided with the login details by Email within 24 hours.
  7. Once you get the Email containing the credentials, use it to login into link that will be provided in the Email.
  8. Start learning instantly!!!

This E-Learning course will get you a Digital certificate at the end of the completion of the course.

So without further ado do sign up for the courses as they will be very beneficial to you in the long run.

It will help you become a more skilled person and will help you positively in this lockdown period.

Tata Steel online courses:-

Advanced Excel Advance Excel is a comprehensive tutorial that provides a good insight into the latest and advance features available in MS Excel 2013.
course duration – 4 hours
Industry 4.0Is for increasing the awareness of the term ‘Digital’ and other aspects related to IoT, Social Media, Cryptocurrency etc
course duration – 6 hours
Total Quality ManagementTQM is a perspective to improve the effectiveness and flexibilities of business. TQM is Management approach to meet and exceed the customer expectations.
course duration – 3.5 hours
CompressorEnhance knowledge of various compressor and its functions and applications.
course duration – 2 hours
Fan and blowerEnhance knowledge on construction and selection of fan blower.
course duration – 2 hours
Material handling After going through the this e-learning module participants will be able to :
i) identify rigging equipment
ii) specify rigging tools
iii) know about limitation and application of rigging tools
iv) know rejection criteria and testing of rigging devices
course duration – 1 hour
Electrical cables By the end of this module, the participants will be able to define an electrical power cable, explain its construction, describe the guidelines for cable laying and installation, describe the methods of cable laying and installation, explain the jointing of cables and list the design factors of a power cable.
course duration – 2 hours
Earthing and Shock By the end of this course, the participants will be able to define earthing system, describe the significance and purpose of earthing in power systems and define terminologies related to earthing.
course duration – 2 hours
Power systems By the end of this course, the participants will be able to define electrical power generation, illustrate how our home gets electric power, list various sources of energy for power plants, explain construction and working principle of Alternators and Generator Transformers in a power plant and compare various energy sources.
course duration – 8 hours
Power system protection This course will familiarize participants with the different concepts related to Power Systems Protection.
Contains 3 parts:-
Part-1 deals with the basics of power systems protection, that include nature of faults, qualities and basic principles of protection, and the components of protection.
Part -II deals with the function, operation and classification of Relays.
Part -III deals with the setting of protection relay.
course duration – 4 hours
Fuel and combustion The module explains the different types of fuels used in an industry and explains the combination of those different fuels for combustion.
course duration – 9 hours
Induction motors The module focuses on the basic concept of Induction Motors.
course duration-3 hours
MS Office MS Office E-Learning program contains learning videos which deals with the basic understanding of MS-Word, Excel and Power point.
course duration – 1 hour
Machine learning fundamentalsModule aims at providing conceptual understanding of various basics aspects (including some key modules) of ML without going into the technicalities of implementing ML through programming languages ( like R/Python). 
course duration – 4 hours
Bearing the module focuses on how bearings play a major role in the proper functioning of heavy machinery.
course duration – 3 hours
Measuring instrumentsThis module gives us details that are used in the industry for accurate and precise measurements. 
course duration – 1 hour
Heat treatment The module has different Heat Treatment process that is required to change the physical and chemical properties of metals.
course duration – 1 hour
Bulk material handling The module provides entire concept of Material Handling in big industry.
course duration – 3 hours
Industrial water systemThis module on Industrial water treatment encompasses all these aspects which include industrial wastewater treatment, boiler water treatment and cooling water treatment.
course duration – 2 hours
DesulphurizationThe module explains the importance of Desulphurization in achieving the best quality of steel.
course duration – 1 hour
Basic metallurgy The module therefore explains how to extract the metals for industrial practices.
course duration – 1 hour
Primary steel making The module takes us through the best steel making practices in an industry.
course duration – 1 hour
TransformersThe module is on transformers and its industrial usages.
course duration – 2 hours
PLC basicsThe module thus focuses on industrial use of PLC.
course duration – 2 hours
Process instrumentation The module covers the basics of process Instrumentation and its various applications.
course duration – 2 hours

So what are you waiting for?, there won’t be another good opportunity for you to enhance your skills for such a small price.

So pick your interest and get going with the course.

Also don’t forget to share it with your friends and help them improve too.

Do comment what you think about this initiative taken by Tata Steel.

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